Charlestown Adult Education is hiring for the following positions. Please respond with a cover letter and resume to:  [email protected]  (or upload resume by clicking button below.)


ESOL Instructors- Intermediate

Requirements: Experience in low-level and intermediate ESOL instruction. Bachelor’s Degree in education of related field. Ability to motivate a diverse class of adult learners. Excellent communication and written skills.

Responsibilities: The ESOL Teacher will provide English language instruction. Integrate digital literacy into classroom instruction. In addition, instructors will prepare weekly, coordinator approved lesson plans in conjunction with DESE MAELPS . Keep daily, accurate attendance. Work closely with ESOL coordinator to be sure all students are assessed through required DESE program assessments (BEST Plus, TABE,) three times per year. Get TABE and/or BEST Plus certified and maintain certification yearly. Attend monthly staff meetings and site director approved professional development workshops, seminars, trainings, and conferences.

HiSET / Pre-HiSET Instructor

Requirements: (all levels)  Two plus years’ experience in ABE/HiSET instruction and curriculum development. Bachelor’s Degree in education of related field. Experience working with a diverse group of students of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and written skills. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to work independently. The ability to incorporate current technology into the classroom environment.

Responsibilities: (all levels) Adhere to ABE/HiSET curriculum and develop weekly lesson plans aligned with Massachusetts College and Career Readiness Standards. Implement contextual ABE/HiSET instructional materials. Integrate digital literacy instruction into all levels of ABE/HiSET as appropriate. Keep daily, accurate attendance. Monitor and asses students’ progress on a regular basis, or as deemed appropriate by the Education Advisor. Work with carrer coaches to help students develop career pathways. Attend monthly staff meetings and site director approved professional development workshops, seminars, trainings, and conferences.

Bilingual DIGITAL LITERACY Instructor  Languages preferred: Spanish, Haitian-Creole, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese TBD.)

Requirements:  Basic computer skills required, as well as knowledge of Office (Word,Excel, PowerPoint.) Co-teaching in various leveled class.

Responsibilities:  Interpreters will work closely with the Digital Literacy coordinator to oversee implementation of digital literacy curriculum, aid students in their native languages to facilitate the smooth running of classroom operations as set out by the coordinator. Interpreters will be responsible for assessing student comprehension and progress, and to inform coordinator of students’ specific needs.