Lori D'Alleva

Program Director
[email protected]

Josh Day

Program Assistant Caeinterns@ charlestownadulted.com

Marilyn Ginberg

Assistant Director of HSE Programming
[email protected]

Karen Ierardi

Assistant Director of ESOL Programming 
[email protected]

Sheila Richardson

Career Coach Sheila.Richardson@ charlestownadulted.com

Jerrard Twitty

Career Advisor / Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

Jeffrey Malkin

Financial Literacy Jeffrey.Malkin@ charlestownadulted.com

Isaac Harmon

Fast Track ELA / Neighborhood Jobs Trust Project Manager [email protected]

Michael Cuevas

Youth Case Manager Michael.Cuevas@ charlestownadulted.com

Edwin Tejada

Digital Literacy Coordinator (Spanish) Edwin.Tejada@ charlestownadulted.com

Mswati Hanks

Re-Entry Services Mhanks1@ mgh.harvard.edu

Neil Nunez

ESOL Level 3 / Advanced
Neil.Nunez@ charlestownadulted.com

Jacob Day

Program Navigator Jacob.Day@ charlestownadulted.com

Nathan Pan

Digital Literacy Instructor (Cantonese) [email protected]