We provide free tax assistance if you’re income eligible and meet a few other requirements. For instance, if you earned less than $60,000 in 2022, you may qualify. Tax services will start on January 30th 2023.


By appointment only

For tax preparation services, please  call Josh Day at 617-337-5612.


- Valid Government Issued Photo ID
- Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer ID Letter (ITIN) for you, your dependents and/or your spouse
- All 1099 forms – 1099G (unemployment), 1099R (pension payments), 1099INT (bank interest), 1099SSA (Social Security)
- All W2 forms from all jobs for 2022
- Proof of health insurance (health insurance cards, 1099-HC, 1095-A, etc.) for taxpayer, spouse, and all dependents**
- Total child care expenses in 2022, and child care provider’s name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or SSN
- All 1098T forms (tuition payments), receipts for materials and books and bursar statement
- Total student loan interest paid (1098E)
- A copy of last year’s tax return
- Bank issued printed account and routing numbers for direct deposit of your tax refund (for both checking and savings account)
- Proof of ANY deductible out of pocket expenses (annual BWSC, 1098E, charitable receipts, etc.)
-Any mail from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR)
- Any mail from the IRS

**Taxpayers who have received or expect to receive health insurance credits need to bring proof of ALL household income.

Without all documents, we cannot complete your tax returns.